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Printing Systems

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Equipment prepared to produce photoceramics. Our technical department has more than 15 years of experience in altering and maintaining photoceramic printers. We provide the best equipment, completely new and calibrated with the latest technology on the market. Get Fantastic Colors. Be one step ahead of the competition.

We carry out the installation of the equipment on site, as well as all the necessary training to get the best out of the equipment.


INKCER 300-1 

Based on Ricoh technology

Printing system for ceramic decals with professional quality for those who do not need larger printing sizes. - Maximum size A4


INKCER 3000-3

Based on Ricoh technology

Printing system for professional quality ceramic decals. - Maximum size SRA3.


Based on Canon technology

The best ceramic printing system. Unprecedented color and image quality. - Maximum size SRA3.

For samples (photoshop .psd 300dpi)  with your images in a4 size.

We will send you a free sample so you can view it with your own images on the desired system.

For more information:       Tlm +351 966 638 450

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